3 tumblr users you remind me of: militaryfit-bombshell because you get this fierce intensity in some of your posts, keepcalmanddrinkwater because you are very light hearted, and funeralformyfat because you ALWAYS encourage people to do their best! (PS: how's Shakespeare goin?)

from keepmovinbabe

Damn I remind you of Sharee? Damn. You being hella nice. XD Thank you. And yes both mf-bombshell and kcadwater is awesome as fuck. You are too nice, dear. And surprisingly Shakespeare is going well! I was head of the professor. XD 

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#militaryfit-bombshell #keepcalmanddrinkwater #funeralformyfat

  1. keepmovinbabe said: Awesome!! And those three ladies are some of my faves, so it was pretty easy to call them to mind. And yes I’m bein for real lmao!
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